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When you think of walking on water you  have in mind Jesus walking out to his 12 dsiciples and Peter’s failed attempt to make his way to Jesus. Well, not anymore. Now there is a new sport called Liquid Mountaineering. These extreme sports enthusiast have used the same science behind rocks skipping on water to literally propel themselves across 20-30 ft. of lake. This is incredible! Incredibly False!

The only recorded mamal to walk-on-water besides Jesus Christ is the Green Basilik

However, many people have tried this. Perhaps even you have tried this in your own back-yard swimming pool. If you have ever tried this, then you know it isn’t long after you set foot to water that you are looking up to a distorted from under 5ft of eye-burning overly chlorinated water.

One could comment on the science behind the issue, but for now, even though this can’t be real, it is great filmaking and definitely peaks my interest. I wonder how Jesus feels about our attempts to walk on water or for that matter create an underground viral video to market a new water repelant sports shoe?

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