Every now and again we slip into internet coma’s. Some of us more than others. It all starts off so innocently. You click on a funny video link, you wanted to remember life as a child so you played Super Mario Bros. Flash. Or maybe you are like that guy who beet Bejewled and wasted 3 years of your life accumulating 2,470,233, 001 points. Either way, here is the list of the 5 best flash sights to help you ease into a more productive internet coma.

5. Record tipping– This interactive flash is a puzzle game sure to bring joy to the sudoku player looking for a change. Use your mouse to solves puzzles by scratching the record player. Not only with you stimulate your mind, but fulfill your fantasy of being a D.J. at the same time.

4. Sounds of Hamburg- Have you ever conidered yourself a Beethoven or Motzart. Neither have I, but with this fun game you can compose music to a live feed of the city of Hamburg. Oh Germany!

3. Optus Whale Song- This website  but it is an interactive experience designed to let you listen to and create whale songs that will be played by an orchestra in Austrailia. Who know’s maybe you will be the one to translate english into whale via orchestra.

2. Bubole- Have you ever wanted to create a monster? Now is your chance. This is sure ot keep you entertained for hours as you design and creat yoru own unique monster. Also, if you get tired of creating a monster. Squash some bugs as a side game within a game.  James Cameron eat your heart out!

1.  Flame- We can’t all paint, but we all can make psychadelic art work using this Java program. This isn’t your typical MS Paint program. This is an expereince in beauty. With a little imagiination this will leave you with hours of fantastic visuals.

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