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If you’re a by-product of the late 1980’s early 1990’s than you probably had a front row seat to the evolution of gaming consoles and the development of gaming dynasties. Because of this, there is no doubt you formed some loyalties along the way to some of your favorite gaming characters. Whether you played games or not. Unfortunately, Hollywood assusmed our loyalty to a video game character will transfer to the big-screen, and worse off, they were right. Thus, we gave permission to Hollywood to retell the stories of our beloved heros, and tottally demolish them. Here are the top 5 reasons Hollywood has failed to make a video game into a great movie.

1. 90 minutes isn’t enough time to tell the story- Hollywood has obviously never beat the game they turned into a movie. If they had, they would know it take hours of dedication and perseverance to beat the bad-guy. How could any self-respecting gamer feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of a 90 minute movie once they’ve spent the better part of a month beating the game? By the time a gamer has beat the game they are emotionally invested in their character. They have fought, loved and died along with their hero. The same can’t be said for a movie. (maybe a television series?)

2. The Cast- Have you seen Super Mario Bros. the movie? Better yet, Mortal Kombat?

3. Technology doesn’t Match the Fantasy– Unfortunately, what we can concieve in our minds is not always conceiveable on the big screen. Are we getting closer? Yes. Will we someday preval? Maybe. As graphics are getting more intense, and plot-lines becoming more outlandish,  developing a movie that caputres the purity of a game is getting increasly difficult. Hence, Hollywood diverts from the game plot, and re-creates the game to  closely match reality and therefore gives up some of the magic that make a video game great.

4. You can’t play a movie- The interactivty of video gaming is what makes them so successful. Gamers live the adventure  through Arcade mode or during online play. There is a community of people with common interest who share a common skill. There is no community inside a movie theatre. As such, there is no interpersonal connectivity between the on screen performances and the audience.  

5. Video games Weren’t Made to be Movies– There is a reason Hollywood makes movies and produces a video game release with the movie. It is because the game is designed around the movie. Usually this means less of everything. Less character development, fewer special skills, fewer side-plots etc.. Special Exception for Star-Wars. However, has anyone played Transformers and declred it game of the year? No. and it will never happen.

Listen up Hollywood. If you choose to make a video game into a movie don’t try to sell it as a video game made into a movie. Once the video game is manipulated into a movie, it is now officially “based on” the video game and should be marketed as such.

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