Snow happens.


Barring any major tragedy that occurs with bad weather most youth workers see this as God’s little gift for rest and relaxation, and I couldn’t agree more. Here are some effective ways to capitalize on a new opportunity for ministry while still maintaining the rest God has provided you.

 Don’t “write”. Dream.

It’s tempting to want to dive right into the “necessary” tasks of ministry since you will have no event or people distractions. Instead create a new task list. Rest is not inactivity. Rest can be stimulating spiritual activity. Take time to pray, brainstorm, and dream about your ministry. Journal it, draw it, dream it. When school is canceled kids fill their morning with dreams of forts, snowball fights, and adventure (at least they used to). What dream do you have for your ministry? Rest in your dreams.

Talk less and listen more. 

Snow really does have an effect on the way sound travels; specifically, it muffles noise. Snow stacks up with plenty of space between flakes, which means that sound waves have less surface area to bounce off than, say, raindrops (  God made snow to have a quieting effect for a reason. What is he trying to tell you? How does he speak to you?

Be weird. 

Avoid spending time communicating with your students who also have a snow day via social media. Call them. The same goes with other people in your life who matter. 2-3 minutes of a conversation is more powerful than any like, comment, or share. I know it can be uncomfortable to do that, but try it and see how much equity you gain.  Then tell me later if it wasn’t worth it. I doubt I’ll hear from you.

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