Leaders are Readers. This is what I learned. I’m wondering how I will now lead.

January 2017

  1. The Trauma of Transparency- A biblical approach to Inter-personal Communication. J. Grant Howard. 1979

If you want to truly understand how sin negatively affects communication between people. This is it. Howard provides the solution to authentic healing and powerful communication between people and people and people to God. (Well done..even if cheesy by todays standards)

2. We are All Weird- The rise of tribes and the end of normal. Seth Godin. 2011

Their used to be a societal understanding of normal behavior, thoughts, attitudes. Now normal is not societal, but co-cultureal. Whatever co-culture you belong to defines your normal because your  ability to have freedom of choice is at an all time high. Post-Modern explanation of groups and how they influence you or you influence them. (Ehh, not super informative as a millennial)

3. Getting Naked- Patrick Lencioni. 2010

We are all afraid of something when it comes to interacting with others. This addresses three common fears, and how to work through them for the sake of good working relationships with business clients. (Just okay.)

4. Youth Ministry in a Multifaith Society: Forming Christian Identity Among Skeptics, Syncretists and Sincere Believers of Other Faiths- Len Kageler. 2014

“Len’s book is one I’d include on a short list of must-reads for those in youth ministry. In it, he clearly shows that “most Christian young people today do not understand their own faith, let alone the faith (or nonfaith) of others.” Yet, rather than just raise an alarm, Len also delineates a clear path forward. I’m convinced that by using his suggestions for how to help young people understand their own faith, we can help it flourish, even in a multifaith society”,  a review by Jen Bradbury that I whole heartedly agree with.(GREAT READ)

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